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Windows 11 has not yet reached two years of life, but we already have the first information about what the operating system that will succeed will be like in a while. Microsoft is already working on its next version: Windows 12, so we are going to tell you the main news expected about this system, the data on its future launch, and all the data regarding this great renewal. Windows 12 iso Download and Install 64 Bit is the most comprehensive, and modernized operating system in Microsoft. This is a complete rethinking of the concept of Windows, windows 12 taking into account the negative feedback from users of Windows 12 iso. windows 12 for all types of devices from smartphones and tablets to personal computers, with the ability to create multiple desktops and switch between them. Instead of locating the software systems locally on your computer, in the new Windows 12, all the key components are in the cloud storage, which allows for regular updates of both the elements themselves and the cloud. official update Will show here:

windows 12 iso download

What will be the new features and features of Windows 12?

Windows 12 according to our latest information, will be a fairly modular version. Its main objective will be to become a system much more adapted to more devices with different form factors. A new Windows will be rebuilt practically from scratch, adding only what is necessary.

Microsoft also wants Windows 12 to be optimized for specific chips. They are therefore working on a “silicon-optimized” version, completely adapted to the SoCs mounted on PCs. It is similar to what Apple has been doing for some time with its Apple Silicon, to achieve better synergies between hardware and software.

Another of the great novelties will come from the “separation of states” (CoreOS). There is talk of a series of partitions that will not be accessible to the user. The purpose of this division is to allow for faster updates, improved factory reset, and a more compartmentalized and secure system.

A greater presence of Artificial Intelligence is also expected, with ChatGPT integration in Bing, a greater presence in Edge, and throughout the entire operating system.

At the design level, changes are expected related to the taskbar, which would become floating (something similar to what we see in macOS). Likewise, there would be changes to the system icons and their location. Microsoft is expected to continue strengthening its commitment to services such as Your Phone (to connect Android devices). In short, a version that will be more modular, efficient and with some design changes that will redefine the current lines.

How to Download Windows 12 ISO file 64-bit

To download and install Windows 11, let’s make it an adventure! 🚀

  1. Access the Official Microsoft Website:

    • First, open your web browser and navigate to the official Microsoft website. 🌐

    • Once there, look for the Windows 11 download page. 🔍

    • After finding the Windows 11 download page, click on the big, inviting ‘Download now’ button to initiate the download process. 📥

    • As the download progresses, watch as the Windows 11 installer is saved to your computer, just like magic! ✨

  2. Locate and Start the Installer:

    • After the download is completed, it’s time for a treasure hunt! 🕵️‍♂️
    • Locate the installer file; it’s like finding buried treasure! 💰
    • With the installer file in sight, it’s time to uncover its secrets. Double-click on it to kickstart the installation process. 🕰️
  3. Customize Windows 11 Installation:

    • During the installation process, Windows 11 will present you with a series of on-screen prompts and options. 🖥️
    • Carefully review these prompts and select the settings that feel just right for you, like choosing your character’s outfit in a video game. 🎮
    • Taking your time here ensures that Windows 11 is tailored to your liking. 👍
  4. Finalize the Installation and Restart:

    • Once you’ve gone through the installation prompts and made your selections, Windows 11 will embark on its mission to transform your computer. 🚀
    • This process may take some time, so sit back, relax, and maybe enjoy a cup of coffee or tea. ☕
    • After installation is finished, Windows 11 will politely ask you to restart your computer. Make sure to save any unsaved work, close any open applications, and click that ‘Restart’ button. ♻️

Remember, throughout this entire adventure, it’s crucial to maintain a stable internet connection to ensure a smooth download and installation experience. 🌐🌟 Enjoy your Windows 11 journey! 🚀🪙

windows 12

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Windows 12 download


Windows 12 FAQ

Windows 12 release date?

windows 11 download

Microsoft will release windows 12 on 29th July, 2023, but not an entirely new Windows 12 for PC and mobile. Microsoft is going to release some updates this year. windows 12 release date confirmed.

when will windows 12 come out?

Windows 11

Windows 12 will launch 29th July, 2023. Windows 12 release comes with bigger changes ever in the windows history. Microsoft windows 12 release will be the best thing ever done by Microsoft.

when is windows 12 coming out ?

Windows 11 features

Microsoft launch windows 12 onJuly 29th, 2023. Here, it needs to mention that Microsoft is all set to launch Windows 12 on July 29, 2023, and everyone is waiting for that desperately.

when will windows 12 be released ?

windows 11

Microsoft confirms windows 12 Release date on 29th July, 2023. New windows 12 on which Microsoft working with their development team. Hope you will get the official confirmation from Microsoft soon.

when is windows 12 coming

windows 11 install

Windows 12 set to release 29th July 2023. Windows 12 release comes with bigger changes ever in the windows history. There are some big changes will happen with this new windows 12 release.

new window os

windows 11

The next windows after windows 10 will absolutely be windows 12 or windows 12. Now people are eagerly waiting for the new windows from Microsoft. And as we all know Microsoft listen to their windows user as per their need and required changes. After Windows 10 definitely we will see windows 12 or windows 12 anytime in 2023.

Is there a new Windows coming out?

windows 11

New windows coming out this year. Microsoft still does not officially confirm any Windows 12 but many other sites are written about the new windows 12. New windows 12 on which Microsoft working with their development team. Hope you will get the official confirmation from Microsoft soon.

Will there be a Windows 12 or 12?

Releasing windows 12 or windows 12 is still a mystery. Microsoft has officially not confirmed anything but we hope windows 12 or windows 12 will come out soon and be available for windows 10 7, 8, and other users as well. 2020 will be the most important for Microsoft to launch new windows.


Will there be Windows 12?

Yes, Windows 12 is going to launch on July 29, 2024. After that, you can get your Windows 12 copy for your PC.

Will Windows 12 be a free upgrade?

Maybe yes, the Windows 12 beta version will be free for the users to test the interface for the new OS. So just get ready to upgrade your window to Windows 12.

how do I upgrade to Windows 12?

You can just to the Windows 12 download page and click on the upgrade to Windows 12 option. It will automatically start downloading the files and soon it will upgrade your current OS.

How do I upgrade to a new version of Windows?

Go to the Windows 12 download page and make a bootable drive using the media creation tool and then you can upgrade your Windows.

Should I wait for Windows 12?

yes, if you want to buy a new copy of Windows then you must wait for some time to get a copy of the new Windows.

Can I download Windows 12 for free?

Downloading Windows 12 is free but you may buy a key to fully activate your new window.

Can I upgrade from Windows 10 to Windows 12?

You can give a try to the new version of Windows. Because of this, you may notice some new features and changes.

Can you download Windows 12?

Yes, you can download it via its official downloading page.

when did Windows 12 come out?

Windows 12 came out in 2024.