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Microsoft Windows 11 Concept settings and other changes

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Not so long ago, released in the release of Windows 11 has already managed to make some noise, in particular this applies to its privacy settings. Reviews of this operating system are mixed and, at times, contradictory. Let us examine in detail its features, pros and cons.

From the beginning, you need to understand whether you need a new operating system at all? Yes, it is necessary. Especially needed after the resulting plain Windows 10 and its further updates 10.1 and 10.2. Moreover, windows 11 concept was planned under the concept of Microsoft development, so that everything went according to plan.

windows 11 concept

The main feature of the new OS is that it was distributed for free. Many did not understand such a generosity auction from Microsoft, but then everything fell into place. Activate it can holders of licensed copies of Windows 7 and Windows 8. Applications that were free in previous versions, become paid in the current version. For example, for Microsoft Solitaire Collections asking $ 1.5, but this is the usual card game. And there are many such examples of commercialization of applications. It is on the Windows store that the developers have focused. Proponents of conspiracy theories believe that Windows began to be distributed for free to give special services access to the data of all the inhabitants of the planet, associating with the Kingsman movie: The Secret Service. True or paranoid fiction is up to you.

Windows 11 concept and Nice changes

Finally, Windows returned “start”, an important element that they refused in Windows 8. In fact, the main reason that people did not want to switch from the usual Windows 7 to 8 was the banal absence of the “start” button. By the way, the windows 11 features interface looking from the side led to the delight of potential users, and turned into horror and incomprehension when they directly started using it. But back to our windows 11. The “launch” itself was reworked, a window interface was added to it, which did not cause as much annoyance as its predecessor. Icons, items, menus – everything has been reworked and simplified. It seems that Microsoft decided to go the way of Apple, simplifying everything so that even a child could use a personal computer. But not for this so love “Windows”, but for the fact that in skillful hands you can do anything on it, whatever your heart desires, without any restrictions. Despite all these refineries, there are features of previous versions that help to navigate the system correctly.

windows 11 release date

External changes are good, but what has changed yet? An important change was the optimization of the operating system for modern computer hardware. The performance gains in games and high-resource applications are visible to many with the naked eye. Windows 11 concept finally solved problems with supporting multi-core systems. Now all processor cores can operate at full capacity. The optimization affected not only powerful and top PCs, but also weak computers and laptops. Thanks to the new Windows, they began to load much faster, work on them became more pleasant and less jerky, as it was before, on previous versions of Windows. Computers quickly began to cope with everyday tasks that we constantly perform – this is opening folders, transferring files, launching applications and much more.

A new function was “task presentation” – this is an opportunity to work on several desktops. This is convenient for those who combine work with home on their own laptop or PC.

Microsoft pleasant moments windows 11 concept

As Microsoft did not try to adapt Windows 12 iso to third-party applications, it didn’t work for the release of the final version. A trivial example: after switching from 7 to 10, the ESET NOD 32 antivirus disappeared , and the license one. And this is not at all a trifle, since the protection of the thing is not indifferent, especially in modern realities. Security issues are not over. Some windows defender does not work. It is impossible to enable it. The window where it is located is “gray”, that is, actions there are not feasible.

window 11 iso

The corporation has not escaped a scandal about the problems with confidentiality in the new operating system. By default, it sends all data to the Microsoft center, that is, in fact, everything you do behind your device. It is clear that this is being done to improve the system itself and develop new marketing programs, but for many this is extremely unpleasant, and in Russia, one of the deputies had a proposal to block this operating system on the territory of the Russian Federation. Of course, this did not go further than loud headlines in the news, but there were attempts.


This OS was accepted skeptically by many people, but surprisingly, such skepticism still did not prevent them from switching to it. But Microsoft, meanwhile, occupies a leading position in the software world and seems to be rehabilitated after a failure with Windows 8, because the transition of users to the 10th version is no worse than at one time passed to the legendary Windows 7. This time Microsoft come with another big thing called windows 11.

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