Windows 11 Features and Updates

Windows 11 Features and Updates: With the new version 2020 of Windows 11. Microsoft offers some innovations that are very interesting for companies. Of course, private users also benefit from the improvements in the areas of security and improved update control. In addition to new functions and improvements under the hood, Microsoft has also improved some of the surface and the view. Windows 12 beta download Release date mainly brings innovations in detail and less major innovations. Of course there are quite relevant changes with the Windows sandbox. The small improvements in detail certainly offer real added value, especially because Windows 11 users can also install this version free of charge if they have a valid license for Windows 11. With Windows 11 version 2020, Microsoft also wants to ensure that the upgrade to the new version does not cause any errors. For this purpose, an update is installed before the actual installation of Windows 11 Version 2020 , which prepares the PC for the update. Above all, it is checked whether there is enough storage space for the update. In addition, Windows 11 version 2020 receives automatic troubleshooting, with which, for example, crashed services or processes can be automatically repaired. Internal troubleshooting is improved. Get Windows 12 iso file.

windows 11 features

Control Windows updates better

In Windows 11 versions, Microsoft has improved, among other things, the control of Windows updates and the handling of updates. The view in the Settings app has been optimized and menu items for pausing and controlling the advanced options have been moved directly to the main view of the update control. If a restart is pending, Windows 11 beta version shows this in the tray area.

In general, Microsoft eases the pressure to install updates and gives users in all editions more options to delay updates or to prevent them from being installed. This also applies to Windows 11 Home. Forced updates should therefore be a thing of the past. If a new version of Windows 11 appears, it is displayed and users can decide when they want to install it. However, if support for a Windows 11 version expires, the installation of the current version is forced. In most cases, Windows 11 versions are supported for 18 months. During this time, users and companies do not have to install a new version.  Until that time, new versions of Windows 11 can be ignored. In the main view of the update control, available updates are made more recognizable. The installation of updates can be paused for a few days directly via the main page of the update control. Under “Advanced Options” the suspension of updates can be blocked based on a specified date. Windows 11 Home can now also be better controlled and blocked for updates.

Windows 11 beta version no longer treats the major operating system updates that appear twice a year as before. Instead of downloading and installing them automatically, they are initially only displayed. This allows users to decide more flexibly whether and when the function update is downloaded and installed. As of this version, there are no longer any “Current Branch”, “Current Branch for Business” and other distinctions. If you rely on Windows 11 Pro, Enterprise and Education, you can delay updates up to 365 days. The installation can take place if administrators or users can be sure that there are no errors in the respective version. Windows can automatically recognize the usage time in the new version, which makes automatic restarts more effective. In addition, Windows 11 reserves space for the temporary storage of updates. This is to avoid that Windows updates cannot be installed because the storage space on a computer is running out. The information can be found under “System \ Storage”. The memory can be seen under “System reserved”. According to Microsoft, Windows 11 reserves an additional 7 GB of memory for itself . The function should only become active when Windows 11 beta version is reinstalled. When updating an already installed Windows 11 system, the wizard initially leaves the option deactivated.

Windows sandbox – safely test and operate applications in isolation

With the new function “Windows Sandbox”, which has to be installed via the optional features in Windows 11, applications can be isolated from the rest of the PC and thus operated safely. The Windows sandbox function uses technology from Hyper-V and container technology so that the image required to provide the environment remains as small as possible. The size of the image is less than 30 MB. In terms of operation, a sandbox in Windows 11 behaves like a bare Windows system. The Windows desktop, the start menu and the taskbar are available within the sandbox. Data can be copied to the system and applications can also be installed. As soon as the sandbox window is closed, Windows deletes all data and applications. So the sandbox is not a virtual computer. However, the solution behaves like a virtual computer and protects users from malware when an application is to be tested.

Less Cortana and improved surface

Business users will be delighted that Cortana interaction no longer occurs when Windows 11 is installed. Only Windows 11 Home continues to use Cortana. In the different settings you can now make different adjustments for Windows search and Cortana. Microsoft does not want to merge Cortana and the Windows search anymore. We’ll go into the search in the next section. Windows 11 versions also offers various innovations in the user interface. For example, the screen brightness can be controlled more easily via the Info Center. Microsoft has integrated a slider for this. In File Explorer, dates can be displayed more clearly. In Task Manager, you can use “Options \ Set default tab” to control which tab should be displayed automatically when starting.

More effective search settings

In the “Search” settings, you can set exactly what Windows 11 should search if the user enters a term in the search field. Here, Windows 11 versions allows more settings that are controlled under “Search Windows” in the Settings app under “Search”. By default, Windows indexes the libraries and the desktop. This option is set via “Classic”. With “Advanced” all folders of a computer can be searched. You can also specify which folders should not be searched. These folders are not considered in the search. This means that White Lists (search these folders) and Black Lists (search all folders, except these folders) can now be used for the search.

Smartphones with Windows 11

From version 2020, Windows 11 should also be more closely connected to smartphones . The new menu item “Your smartphone” is available for this. Functions from smartphones in Windows 11 should be available via this menu item. For example, SMS can currently be sent and read, and photos can be displayed and transmitted. Microsoft wants to complement these functions and also expand the supported smartphones.

Windows 11 Defender Application Guard is expanded

Microsoft Windows Defender Application Guard (WDAG) is a layer of protection that protects Windows 11, along with Windows Defender System Guard. Windows Defender Application Guard can virtualize individual sessions in the web browser via Hyper-V. This works in previous versions of Windows 11 versions. Hyper-V must be installed together with WDAG. The configuration can be done via group policies. On English versions of Windows 11, the settings can be found via “Computer Configuration \ Administrative Templates \ Windows Components \ Windows Defender Application Guard”. On German computers, the corresponding setting is at “Computer Configuration \ Administrative Templates \ Windows Components \ Windows Defender Application Guard”. When using WDAG, Microsoft Edge is operated via Hyper-V technology in a sandbox, similar to the Windows sandbox, which is installed and configured independently. Microsoft also provides extensions for Firefox and Chrome , so protected websites in Chrome and Firefox can also be protected with Windows Defender Application Guard. The function can be installed in Windows 11 Enterprise and Windows 11 Pro using the optional features. Users do not need to configure anything to use protection. All you have to do is install the corresponding functions in Windows 11. Should Windows Defender System Guard work with Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome are used, the associated Microsoft extension must be installed in the browser.

Windows 11Control notifications

The rules for configuring notifications are extended in Windows 11 Features versions. It is now possible to deactivate notifications in full screen mode of apps. As a result, users are no longer bothered by programs if they have started a program in full screen mode. In addition, in the new Windows 11 version, significantly more pre-installed standard apps can be uninstalled using the context menu. This includes 3D viewer, calculator, calendar, groove music, mail, films & TV, paint 3D, screenshot, sticky notes and the voice recorder. The screenshot tool is also extended with Windows 11 versions and can also cover pulldown menus and other elements in windows.

Windows 11 Improved personalization

With every version of Windows 11, the possibilities of personalization are expanded. In Windows 11 version 2020, the dark and the light Windows mode are available. So not only the apps can be operated in dark mode, but also the entire Windows 11 Features. Conversely, apps and Windows can also be operated in bright mode. The settings can be found under “Personalization \ Colors”. After activating the corresponding mode, Windows 11 automatically switches the corresponding colors and brightness. Mainly the start menu, task bar and the info center are adapted.

Show outlook and version

Windows 11 version 2020 has the build in the final version. This build number will certainly be updated to a higher version with the patchday. The easiest way to always display the current version is with “winver”. Microsoft is expected to release another version of Windows 11 in the fall. Little is known about these. However, there will be no groundbreaking innovations here either. The tabs (sets) planned by Microsoft for Explorer and other Windows applications are currently put on hold. It is not yet clear which version of Windows 11 this function will be introduced with, if you want it to come at all.

Group Policy with Windows 11 Version 1903

For corporate customers, Microsoft will also provide updated Group Policy templates with the new version 2020 of Windows 11. With the Pro, Enterprise and Education editions, the new settings in Windows 11 Version 2020 can be controlled via Group Policy. In the new Group Policy templates, settings for updates can be better controlled, probably also for older versions of Windows 11.

In addition, memory optimization in Windows 11 can be configured using Group Policy. The group policies can be configured to install quality updates and function updates at different times. Times can also be set when updates need to be installed. This allows users who keep their computer running continuously to restart their PC automatically if an update makes this necessary. This reliably prevents updates from not being installed if users do not restart their PC outside of the defined usage times.


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