Windows 11 ISO Installation

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Windows 11 ISO Installation or update windows 10 with new windows 11: If we encounter some problems with Windows 11 after a full-bodied update and all our methods of restoring the system have not worked, there is nothing left to do but reinstall Windows 11 from scratch, i.e. install cleanly, so it gives the operating system zero and return it to the original settings. If instead we have an old version of Windows 11 that does not update, we can force the update, so as to always have the latest version released by Microsoft. In this guide we will show you both procedures: we will see together how to update Windows 11 to always bring it to the latest version (even when Windows Update does not see it) and how to install Windows 11 from scratch, performing a clean installation. The main difference between the update and the clean installation is that in the first case all the programs installed and all the personal files remain on the main disk while in the second case everything is deleted and the system is installed as new. Go and check the windows 12 iso download release date.

windows 11 installation

If we update a regularly registered version of Windows, we will not be asked for anything during the process. If, on the other hand, we perform a clean installation, we may ask for the Windows 11 product key, which we can usually try on the package or on one of the PC panels.

Windows 11 update

In this part of the guide we will show you how to quickly download the latest version of Windows 11, so as to update the system that does not want to know how to independently fish for updates. First of all we download the official Windows 11 ISO, latest version, by clicking here -> Official Windows 11 tool .

windows 11
  • We click on the button Download the tool now and start it immediately after the download.
  • We accept the user license and, in the window that appears, we can either click Update PC now or click Create installation media (USB flash drive, DVD or ISO file) for another PC .
  • We personally recommend always downloading the ISO, it can always be useful for restoring other PCs or installing Windows on new purchased computers.
  • So we choose to create the ISO and confirm below on Next ; in the new window we choose the language, architecture and download edition of Windows 11 features you are interested in.
  • We click Next and select the ISO File item to get the image file with the latest version of Windows 11.
  • We await the download and creation of the Windows 11 ISO file.

To be able to update in a forced way, simply double-click on the ISO file downloaded a little while ago, wait for it to be mounted by the Windows 11 virtual device and then start the update procedure.

A scan of the PC with Windows 11 in use will immediately start and, if updates are provided, it will show us the window in which to choose Update now , with which to proceed with the actual update. We recommend carrying out this procedure every time a major Windows update is released (the so-called half-yearly updates) and they do not appear via Windows Update: we will quickly update this PC and others too, just carry the ISO file on a fairly large USB stick.

Install Windows 11 ISO

  • There are three methods to install Windows 11 from scratch : by resetting the PC, reinstalling Windows 11 from an advanced boot or by using the ISO vista just now.
  • Before starting, however, we recommend  saving important files to another disk and, if necessary, we can also backup installed programs and settings on Windows .
  • The first method is simple and quick; basically you do a system reset to default settings by removing all programs and custom settings getting, in fact, a new installation of Windows.
  • To use this function, we open the Start menu Settings , click on Update and Security and then on the Restore tab .
  • In the side window we click on the Reset PC button .
  • With this mode you can also choose to keep your personal files, going to restore only Windows files (and deleting programs).
  • The second method is to restore Windows from Advanced startup, useful if Windows shows a continuous error that does not make you use your PC correctly.
  • To do this we open the  Settings  Start menu, click on  Update and Security  and then on the Recovery tab  .
  • In the side window we click on the Restart now button, present under the Advanced startup section .
install windows 11

The special mode will start in which you can choose whether to restore the PC to the initial settings, also choosing whether or not to keep the files. This mode is also accessible by holding down the SHIFT key while clicking Reboot System in the welcome screen (or PC lock screen), so as to avoid going to the desktop. As mentioned and as explained in another guide, we can also install Windows 11 by changing architecture and switch from Windows 32 bit to Windows 11 64 bit for free. The third method instead provides for clean installation from scratch , the only way in the case of a PC without an operating system and useful even if the PC does not boot right or if the Windows 11 error is now too serious to be solved as seen little does. From Windows 11 , we create  the installation USB stick or the ISO file to burn as already seen above, i.e. using the Media Creation Tool to download and run. Let’s get a USB stick with at least 8 GB of free space, follow all the steps already described and, at the appropriate time, click on the item USB flash drive to immediately create the clean installation key of Windows 11.

Windows 11 Installation With USB

After the creation of the stick, we restart the computer keeping the USB stick connected. Make sure to boot your PC from USB using the boot options that usually appear by repeatedly pressing the F8 or F12 key while powering on. If that doesn’t work, we recommend reading the article on computer startup options . At this point the Windows 11 installation program will start and you can follow the wizard by clicking on Install.

windows 11 iso

Select the disk on which to install Windows 11 and click when requested on Format. If the Format button is not clickable, we press on Delete on the present partitions and then we choose to use the whole disk for the new installation; we just have to click on Next to install Windows cleanly and without any aftermath of the previous installation.

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