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Windows 11 Pre order: Microsoft Partner tried to sell me the non-existent

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Microsoft Certified Partner tried to sell me the non-existent Windows 11, Windows 11 Pre order the title of the bizarre story that the author experienced. Because not only that an official Microsoft dealer offered a non-existent Windows update for sale – the dealer support also provided insane information and meant it completely seriously. The wrong offer was only removed after the author contacted the retailer. But let’s start from the beginning: Beta News author Wilson has discovered an advertisement for Windows 11 at the software store dealer. There it was said, among other things, that the updates could already be pre-ordered via software keep, “before everyone else did it”. The price should be $ 174.99.

SoftwareKeep advertises itself as “trustworthy Microsoft Certified Partner”. The wrong Windows 11 pre-order page then contained information that sounded much more after the recently released Windows 10 May 2020 update. It is not professional or trustworthy. “So what did a Microsoft Certified Partner think when they brought up a pre-order page for Windows 11 on their website? It was clearly a scam,” Beta News said. Therefore, the author wanted to know how far the dealer is going and wanted to pre-order and get more information about the offer. His support chat partner named Emir was also happy to help, but with crazy answers. When asked how one could offer a non-existent product that everything was correct, Emir wrote: “Please inform yourself on the official Microsoft website about the release date of Windows 11 and everything will be clear,” he replied. And he added: “There is still no official link, it will be published on the MS website on July 1st and the publication date is July 29th. Mark, we can argue about who is right and who is wrong, the best thing is to wait until July 1st and then we’ll meet here and see who is right and who is wrong. Nobody has to wait until July 1st. Another employee from Softwekeep cleared up the mistake and apologized. Addendum: The curious offer then disappeared from the website. A US retailer has offered Windows 11 for sale in its online shop for several hours . It is not uncommon for ominous online shops to sell any fantasy Microsoft products. However, the said dealer is the US dealer software keep , which is a certified Microsoft partner.

Windows 11 pre-order for $ 174.99

Windows 11 pre order

Specifically, Softwekeep had temporarily offered Windows 11 for pre-order for $ 174.99, which was equivalent to a price of around € 156. The purchase was advertised with the words: “Pre-order Windows 11 before anyone else”. The advertising text also spoke of the “most comprehensive and modern” operating system. The start menu, a new graphic theme, device protection and an improved mail client were also highlighted. Our US colleagues from Betanews became skeptical and checked with Softwareekeep’s live chat support , where the existence of Windows 11 was confirmed. Microsoft is said to want to officially launch Windows 11 on July 1, 2020 and then start selling on July 29, 2020. Live chat support emphasized several times that it was a “100 percent” real product. Everything, of course, humbug, as Soft we keep explains over the weekend itself in a long letter of apology . The company explains the mistake by falling for an “inside source”. This provided information about Windows 11, whereupon this version was offered for pre-order. The information would have turned out to be “wrong”. “We would like to confirm to the general public that Microsoft has not released an official release on Windows 12 iso file, “said Softwarekeep, adding:” We at Softwekeep are proud to sell 100 percent original Microsoft products, including customer support. We do this to ensure that our customers’ needs are met. I know we let you down and we’re very sorry.

According to Softwekeep, the corresponding pre-order page for Windows 11 was taken offline after becoming aware of the error. A subsequent evaluation showed that no orders had been placed, with the exception of an own test order. Measures had also been taken to avoid a similar case in the future. As a further measure, Softwekeep currently offers a 15 percent discount with the code “SORRYOFFER”.

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