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Windows 11 Release Date and Concept 2020

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windows 11

Windows 11 Release Date and Concept 2020: Microsoft’s Release Windows 11 Release on October 29, 2020. with Beta version platform is an example of user experience can be refined and improved with constant effort and iterations. Microsoft takes the PC market seriously and Windows plays a critical role in dominating the market. The new Windows 12 iso product offers unprecedented benefits, user experience with a variety of features and functions. Like the previous version of Windows, Windows 11 contains several variants. Windows 11 is the standard version for a general audience who wants to use the product for personal use. Advantages and disadvantages of using Microsoft Windows. MS Windows is still the most widely used operating system on the planet. The advantages of using Windows were previously measured in comparison to competing desktop operating systems such as MacOS or Linux. However, there is currently a greater risk that Android’s benefits will be surpassed.

windows 11 release
Windows 11

Windows 11 Release Date and version

Windows 11 will release on October 29, 2020. In the past decade, Windows has been pushing every limit to make itself the ultimate desktop experience. The fact that Windows 11 is the most popular operating system in the world speaks for its accessibility, functionality and features. With most of the features inherited from previous Windows experience, you will still be able to find something unique and new. There are three popular versions of Windows 11 available. These include Windows 11, Windows 11 Pro and Windows 11 S. Each of these variants is available in a 32-bit and a 64-bit version. There is also an Enterprise Edition for large organizations.

Windows 11 Concept and Features

windows 11 release date

Windows 11 ISO Installation

Windows 11 Home is easy to install as long as you can follow the installation instructions correctly. It is easily accessible and can be installed from a key, USB drive, or even DVD drive. With Rufus you can create your installation media and then use the key (during or after installation) to complete the process. The installation of a USB drive and a DVD drive is also similar.

Windows 11 Available for All

Windows 11 Home was developed for the standard home user. Advanced functions such as Remote Desktop, Hyper-V, Trusted Boot etc. are missing. This should not be a problem for the majority of home users. Although it’s a simpler product, Microsoft has added many important features to the broad consumer market. Key features that a home user would use include Outlook, Cortana Voice Assistant, Microsoft Edge, and OneNote. In addition, you can also find other Windows device functions in Windows 11 Home, e.g. B. Hello login, pen sketches, touch screens and more.

Microsoft windows 11 Interface

If you are an experienced Windows user, you will find yourself at home with the Windows 11 interface. It has been largely adopted from previous versions of Windows, including faster startup, better notification system, app store, and tablet compatibility. The start menu has been revised and offers its own variant to stand out from the previous Windows iterations. Another important design philosophy behind the Windows 11 interface is the Fluent Design. It is a new design language that offers an animated and transparent surface. Fluent Design also heavily uses acrylic material, which provides a deep appearance and semi-transparent look. The user interface has been adjusted to make it more touch-friendly. Thanks to Continuum, Windows automatically recognizes your hardware and offers the user an attractive user interface.

Night mode (blue light filter) and dark theme are also on the way to Windows 11 Home. Dark mode was recently updated with the October 2018 update and added to File Explorer. These two functions allow you to work in a dark room or at night.

Windows 11 Microsoft Edge

Windows 11 also ships with the new Microsoft Edge browser. It has been updated and now offers many new functions that bring it on par with the rivals Google Chrome, Opera and Firefox. With the Edge browser, you can quickly and efficiently navigate the web. Edge also includes reading mode, which allows you to read web pages without distraction.

Authentication and security

Windows 11 Home offers an excellent authentication system and ensures that only the person with the correct authentication data can access the PC. When it comes to security, it offers basic device encryption that is enabled by default. However, Windows 11 Home lacks the powerful BitLocker encryption that is included in Windows 11 Pro. Windows 11 Home also has the useful Windows “Hello Log In” feature, which is a password-free login that allows you to quickly and securely access Windows.


When it comes to games, Windows 11 Home has no restrictions. You get access to the Xbox app, Xbox controller support, game streaming, game DVR, etc. All gaming features are included in Windows 11 Home so you can get started right away as a gamer. It also includes game mode settings that allow you to optimize your Windows for the best gaming experience.


Windows 11 Home does not have a full office suite. However, you can use the Office 365 trial, which is aimed at new users. Office 365 offers cloud work solutions that let you work from any remote device. If you are looking for a permanent job, you should get Microsoft Office. Windows 11 Home also supports virtual desktops. With this feature you can create a virtual desktop and enjoy unlimited desktop space!


Cortana is Microsoft’s digital assistant that helps you operate Windows efficiently using a voice command. You can use it to automate simple tasks like setting up a reminder and many other tricky tasks like asking for weather and news. You can even manage your Google Calendar with Cortana. This feature allows you to take advantage of some of Alexa or Siri’s benefits, but they are linked to your Windows 11 PC.

Regular updates

The Microsoft team also publishes regular updates to Windows. The last major update was the update from October 2018, in which new functions such as the “Your phone” app, the clipboard history, synchronization, file explorer, the dark design, the function key, the search preview in the start menu, the utility for new screenshots and HDR support, and more.


Windows 11 version 2020 update aka Windows 11 offers numerous interesting features and improves security and performance. The improved configuration options for Windows updates justify an update. With the Windows sandbox, companies can improve security and give users test options without having to deploy virtual machines. The changes that Microsoft introduced in detail also offer added value. Enterprise customers can already download the finished version from Microsoft, for example with a Visual Studio subscription. Alternatively, there is already the option to create a finished ISO of Windows via the Unified Update Platform.

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