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Microsoft MS office 365 Features and Updates

Microsoft Office 2019 has already brought a great change to the way of working on word. First, it was released on September 24, 2018. The best thing is that it is now available whether it is Windows 10 or Mac to buy a no matter in what region you belong to. The best thing is that Microsoft Office 2019 has already brought several small tweaks since we thought that we would be highlighting the most exciting changes in this piece of information. Microsoft Office 2019 is regarded as the latest standalone version of Microsoft’s office software such as previous versions, Microsoft Office 2019 including Outlook, PowerPoint, Word, Excel, and so on. Microsoft has also shifted its efforts to subscription oriented cloud service, Office 365, Office 2019 to make sure that you pay a one-time fee so that you can access all that.

MS Office has become our needs and we cannot deny this fact at all. Here, it needs to understand what sort of new features have been added to MS Office. Let us check it out everything in a detailed manner.

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New Features Added On MS Office:

In this section, we are going to look at the prominent new changes which have come to office 2019. Would you love to know about all these changes? Do take advantage of all these features to make your project look just amazing.

  • Visual Impact –

Have you ever thought that you would be having a visual impact in your word file? If not, then you have landed at the right place. This update has truly been added to the word. Now, you can bring visual interest to your documents easily. You would be having worksheets as well as presentation following Scalable Vector Graphics indeed. Moreover, you may have a variety of filters to apply to too.

  • No language barrier –

You would not be having any sort of language barrier at all. Yes, it is true. You can easily translate whether it is a word, phrase, or any other kind of text selections regarding another language using Microsoft Translator.

  • LaTeX Equation Support –

The next on the list is LaTeX Equation Support to make you feel great. You are allowed to create math equations easily while being on the word. Does not sound it great? You would be having a great experience indeed.

  • Add Motion With Morph –

Do you always go with smooth animation? Here, you can go since you can make smooth animation, transition as well as to object movements. You may add them to your slides along with morph to have an amazing experience. It means your creativity can go on the next level when you go with the advanced Word. It is time to add more outstanding features to your presentation so that you can convey in the best possible way to impressing your viewers. Go and get the most out of this feature to make your presentation the best and outstanding.

  • Go With Zoom –

Yes, you will truly feel pride going with this feature which is all about to take your creativity to the next level. Zoom plays a major role to take you from one slide to another the way you want. Skip ahead or you may also revisit slides without getting interrupted while having on the flow of the presentation.

Zoom is known for adding a new and amazing dynamic navigation options regarding presenting your PowerPoint slides. Going with Zoom, you would be having thumbnails in respect of all sorts of slides on one single page. You would be allowed to click each slid individually without any issues and a small transition animation would be taking you into that slide easily.

The best thing is that Zoom is also known for proving to be fun following an engaging way to make sure that it slides during a presentation. The best thing is that it also allows for a free as well as a flowing approach to a presentation as opposed to the typical slide-by-slide default.

  • To Run A Slide Following Your Digital Pen –

And the next on the list is all about the Digital Pen. You may easily use your surface pen or any other kind of pen with Bluetooth button to advance your slides in a great way indeed.

What you need to do is just go ahead to press the erased button following an advance a slide. Then you need to press and hold the erase to make sure that you go back one slide. The best thing is that it is a small feature in reality but it would be making a world of difference for who regularly present PowerPoint presentations for its real audience.

  • New Functions To Make You Feel Amazing –

Have you heard of TEXTJOIN, Concat, IFS, or more? It means you would be able to do work in your excel while being on Word. It means you would not have to open a new Excel.

  • Inking Is Where It’s At –

Do you know that you can do this too?  You do not need to get wondered since it is possible indeed. You may convert ink to shapes. You may use this feature since you can use it to mention something right on the left or right side so that you would not forget the important things.

  • Time To Visualize Your Date Going With New Charts –

You may choose any from 11 New Charts when it comes to columns, bar charts, or line. And the match fields to chart dimensions and preview all kinds of changes whenever you want.


Thanks for reading all this since we assume that the above-mentioned information has helped you to get to know more about these amazing features. In what feature, you are the most excited about. Do not forget to share with us your feedback since your feedback matters to us the most.

So, what are you waiting for? It is time to go with these all-new features of Word since they are just incredible indeed.


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