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Windows 10 Download ISO 64 bit Fully Activated with Key

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Windows 10 Download ISO

Windows 10 Download ISO 64 bit free: Microsoft may move on to release just one major update for Windows 10 per year. All other patches will correct the defects contained in it as they are identified. The transition to the new scheme may take place in 2020, and the first tests it passed in 2019. Microsoft may opt out of releasing two major updates to Windows 10 per year. The number of updates, according to the Windows Latest portal, can thus be halved. In other words, Windows 10 will be globally updated, probably only every spring, which will significantly increase the waiting time for new features. The rejection of large-scale autumn patches will become Microsoft’s new policy for the development of its desktop OS. Nevertheless, small corrective autumn updates are likely to continue to be released, but in a slightly different form. Microsoft tested the new principle for the release of updates in 2019, and, apparently, the results obtained satisfied it.

windows 10 64 bit download

Windows 10 Update automatically installs

Windows Update automatically installs most updates, but some of them are optional. Now in Windows 10 a new page appears with a list of such optional updates. The new page will contain driver updates, major feature updates (including 20H1) and monthly non-security. To access the list of optional updates, go to Settings> Update & Security> View Optional Updates. You can choose which updates you need to install yourself. Windows Update will automatically install many updates for the hardware components, but in some cases it will not be possible to automatically install additional updates. Previously, users had to go to Device Manager, select a specific component and start updating drivers. Now the list of optional driver updates is compiled in a single interface. On a new page, Microsoft added a description: “If you have a specific problem, one of these drivers may help. Otherwise, drivers will be updated automatically.”

Download Windows 10 and cloud features

windows 10 download 64 bit

Windows 10 May 2020 Update (version 2004) received the function ” Download from the cloud “, which can be used when restoring a computer to its original state. When you go to the menu Options> Update and Security> Restore and select the option ” Restore your computer to its original state”, you can now select the option “Download from the cloud.” Instead of reinstalling Windows 10 using files from the local system, Windows will automatically download the most current version of Windows 10 and install it on your computer. This feature will save time on installing the necessary updates. Previously, you had to create a separate installation media for Windows 10 or upgrade Windows 10 before resetting to factory settings.

Windows 10 iso Updates increase Bandwidth

The Settings app will offer more bandwidth limits for downloading Windows updates. In current versions of Windows 10, users can set a maximum limit as a percentage of the available bandwidth. In the May 2020 Update it will be possible to specify absolute values ​​(Mbps) for more precise regulation. Previously, you could only configure this setting using Group Policies, but now you can do this directly in the Settings app.

Set limit to download windows 10 updates

windows updates

You can limit the bandwidth on the Settings> Update and Security> Delivery Optimization> Advanced Settings page . The new Windows subsystem for Linux 2 is perhaps the most important change in the Windows 10 May 2020 Update. WSL 2 has become much more powerful and functional than the first version. WSL 2 uses the real Linux kernel. Thus, you get a full Linux environment right in Windows 10. Microsoft has decided to prepare its own Linux kernel for WSL 2, which will receive updates through Windows Update. Users will be able to build their own Linux kernel and configure its use in the subsystem. WSL 2 does not require additional system configuration to work, everything will be the same as with 1st generation WSL. In WSL 2, Microsoft promises a “significant increase in file I / O performance” and “full system call compatibility”. This means that WSL2, unlike the original WSL, supports the launch of Docker containers. In addition, Microsoft has added support for ARM64 devices . Now WSL can be run on computers with ARM architecture.

Windows 10 ISO Search Faster

The Windows 10 May 2020 Update has improved search performance in the Start menu. Microsoft took advantage of the old search indexing engine, which scans files in the background and creates a search database. However, many insiders decided to turn off the indexing tool for three main reasons: “increased load on the processor and disk subsystem, general performance problems and low tool value.” Microsoft claims that the system will now be able to optimize the performance of the indexer by detecting peak loads. For example, the search index will not be updated when the game mode or power saving mode is turned on, when the “Improved battery” profile is set, and when the processor load exceeds 80%, the load on the disk subsystem will be above 70% or when the battery level will be below 50 %

Windows Search will work faster on developers’ PCs, because .git, .hg, .svn, .Nuget, and other development service folders will not be taken into account during indexing. These changes should have a positive effect on the speed of compilation and synchronization of code.

Windows 10 Disk Type in Task Manager

The Task Manager now shows the type of disk – SSD and HDD. This change allows you to more easily distinguish between drives if the system has several disks of various types. This information is displayed on the Performance tab : open the Task Manager (Ctrl + Shift + Esc) and select “Details”. Microsoft recently introduced a number of improvements to the monitoring of the graphics subsystem in the Task Manager. Previously, information appeared about the load of each process on the video core, the total load, driver version, video memory consumption, as well as detailed information about the video card itself.

Windows 10 64 bit New tablet mode

windows 10 iso

Windows 10 has two types of display – the classic desktop mode and the tablet mode in the style of Windows 8, in which even the icons on the taskbar are hidden by default. Many users find it inconvenient to use the current implementation, so Microsoft introduces an updated tablet mode in the Windows 10 May 2020 Update.

Patch to patch

In 2019, Microsoft released the global update 1903, which was released in the spring and contained, in addition to an impressive number of innovations, a significant number of bugs and vulnerabilities. Some of them were subsequently fixed with small patches, and all users were waiting for the release of the autumn update with the index of 1909. Microsoft will focus on Windows 10 stability instead of regularly adding new features The update came out, but, unlike the spring one, it contained a minimum of new features. Instead, Microsoft focused on fixing all bugs and shortcomings that were found, and as a result, the 1909 service pack became a kind of “patch to patch” that fixed, if not all, many of the problems identified in 1903. In 2020, the situation in terms of filling updates can be repeated. Currently, Microsoft has almost completed work on the 20H1 update, the appearance of which is tentatively scheduled for spring 2020. The company conducts final tests, fixes bugs, and tries to make this update as stable as possible.

Nevertheless, there is a chance that the situation with patch 1903 will recur, and Microsoft can solve all problems found in 20H1 in the future with the release of the autumn update 20H2, which contains only patches and is devoid of innovations. The exact timing of its appearance has not been established.

According to Windows Latest, Microsoft representatives said that the release of the global spring update in 2019 and the subsequent release of the autumn patch set were the results of monitoring user reviews. After seeing a large number of messages about various failures in Windows 10, the developers decided to focus on fixing them, rather than adding new features. At the time of publication of the material, it was not known whether Microsoft really plans to continue to operate according to the scheme tested in 2019. Employees of the company only noted that the practice of a detailed study of user feedback on the system in 2020 will certainly continue. Another reason for the transition to the new principle of updating is the desire of Microsoft to simplify the transition to new versions of its OS by corporate clients. Currently, companies with dozens of computers in their fleet have to install updates twice a year, and after switching to a new scheme, they will be able to do this twice less often, for example, in the fall, when all vulnerabilities found in the spring patch will be closed.

Windows 10 64 Bit download

64 bit

How effective will be the annual release of “patches for patches”, at the moment it is impossible to say. However, the cumulative update of 1903 did contain a lot of problems that users around the world have faced since its release. The first victim of the update was the “sandbox” – a new Windows 10 feature that allows you to run dubious programs and documents in a safe environment without risking losing important information in the PC’s memory. At first, it was possible to fix the problem only by rolling back to the previous version of the OS. In July 2019, it turned out that as a result of updating Windows 10 to version 1903, some users began to have difficulty controlling their computer using the RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) protocol using the “Connect to Remote Desktop” function built into the operating system. When trying to connect to a computer with the latest version of Windows 10 through the Windows Terminal Services client, instead of the desktop of the remote machine, the user can only see a black screen, and the mouse and keyboard continue to work correctly. Even small patches for version 1903, designed to fix certain flaws, led to new problems. As CNews reported, after installing update KB4512941 released by Microsoft on August 31, 2019, the SearchUI.exe process can start using up to 40% of CPU resources even if there is no user action, and the search function using the Start menu stops working correctly. Rebooting the computer did not solve the problem – a process that seems to be associated with the Microsoft Cortana (“Cortana”) voice assistant, even after restarting the operating system, after some time again taking control of the CPU.

The Windows 10 May 2020 Update is the new “feature upgrade to Windows 10 with new icons, version 2004,” which will be available to all users in May 2020. Consider the latest features, major improvements and changes in the May update Since the end of February

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