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Download Windows 10 ISO 64 bit Free Upgrade: windows 10 was Launched in July 2015, Windows 10 has passed the milestone of 800 million active devices according to the latest data from Microsoft unveiled in March 2019. A volume that includes Windows 10 update terminals such as tablet or PC, but also Xbox One consoles – which now also run under Microsoft’s operating system. According to  Net Applications , the market share of Windows 10 exceeded for the first time that of Windows 7 in December 2018. Over the period, Windows 10 has a penetration rate of 39.22% against 36.9% for Windows 7.

The beta of the first bi-annual update of Windows  10 continues to chained, proof that its availability in the final version is approaching. Microsoft has just delivered a new one ( build 18362 ). It does not introduce any particular novelties compared to previous beta, but fills a few bugs and aims to improve the overall stability of the system.

Windows 10 64 bit ISO

Microsoft tweaks the first bi-annual update of Windows 10. For the time in beta, it should be delivered in final version in April. Most of the novelties are already known.

Windows 10 devices and the highest customer satisfaction in the history of Windows operating system. 800 million Windows user.

Windows 10 19H1: the novelties in preparation

After the October 2018 update, Microsoft is now planning on the next bi-annual update of Windows 10 expected by the end of April. His first previews were unveiled. The latest one: build 18362. It does not introduce any particular novelties compared to previous betas. Exit the name Red stone. The software giant inaugurates a new code name referring to the planned release period: 19H1 for the first half of 2019. The appellations 19H2, 20H1 should follow. According to Zdnet, the code names Titanium, Vanadium and Vibranium would also be used internally by Microsoft to designate the next three updates of Windows 10. Proof that the release of the new opus is approaching, Microsoft has delivered in parallel a download version of its 19h1.

windows 10 Features:

  • The introduction of a sandbox. This is a containerized environment designed to isolate the execution of potentially malicious Windows applications.
  • Optimization of disk space. 19H1 optimizes disk space for updates, applications, temporary files, and cache. Objective: to ensure that these critical functions always have access to the resources necessary for their operation. 7 GB will be dedicated to them. A guarantee of stability. It will still be possible to disable this space .
  • Authenticate without a password. Like many web services and mobile applications, 19H1 will allow authenticating via a code sent via SMS on the phone line associated with the Windows account, which will avoid having to enter his password.
  • A new graphic theme. After the Fluent Design which aimed to make Windows more fluid and animated, Microsoft introduces a new clear graphic theme, or Windows Light (see screenshot below).
  • Cortana set back. The voice assistant is decoupled from the Start menu and the search engine of the OS and now integrates directly into the Windows taskbar. “This will allow each experience to benefit from independent innovations to better serve their audience and their use cases,” argues Microsoft.
  • The notification center allows you to customize the alerts more precisely . As for the Cortana voice assistant, it is indented and deactivated by default at the time of installation.
  • Improvements in Windows Defender Antivirus .

For the rest, the second update of Windows 10 for 2019 (alias 19H2), planned for September or October, would already be in preparation, as well as the following intermediate version of the OS which should be released in the first half of 2020 ( 20H1). Microsoft has also unveiled, very early phase, the former previsions of the latter (the last of which is the  build 18860 ). Purpose officially posted: prepare the ground for introducing future features. According to Zdnet , the goal of the project is more specifically to create a Windows kernel common to all Microsoft offerings, including the Azure cloud that uses up to

Windows 10 Download October 2018 Update: the latest news

The last major update of Windows 12 iso, called Windows 12 October 2023 Update (code name: Redstone 5), was launched by Micros

oft in October 2018. By January 2019, it would now be installed on some 12.4% of PCs running Windows 10 (digit  Ad duplex ). Since the launch of Windows 10 in 2015, Microsoft has now delivered five Windows 10 upgrades: November Update in November 2015, Anniversary Update in August 2016, Creators Update in April 2017, Fall Creators Update in October 2017 , the April 2018 Update in April 2018, and finally the Windows 10 October 2018 Update. On the occasion of this last, the publisher introduced several functional evolution. Among the most salient, we note:

  • Sets. A multi-tab system, comparable to that of a web browser, gives the possibility to open several applications, documents or web pages within a single Windows window.
  • A paper clip. A clipboard can save content, text and images (via copy and paste) and synchronize them between different Windows terminals.
  • Your Phone. A mobile application, called Your Phone synchronizes the photos taken by the user via his Smartphone on his computer or Windows tablet. Available for Android and iPhone, it could also extend in the future to synchronize other content, such as SMS and notifications received on mobile.
  • SwiftKey. Microsoft’s touch screen swipe system, already available for Android and iOS, integrates with Windows for the occasion.
  • An enriched search engine. The Windows 10 search engine has a preview mode for results.
  • Mode S. The Windows 10 October 2018 Update gives the possibility to switch  to Mode S , a configuration that wants to be lighter and powerful Windows 10 (and available on both x86 and ARM processors). The main constraint of this mode: it is limited to the apps of the Windows Store, which allows to host ARM applications , the goal is to ensure a safer and more controlled experience by running only applications validated by Microsoft .
  • Fluent Design (Neon project). The new graphical interface for Windows 10 (Fluent Design) extends more prominently within the Edge browser and the Windows desktop.

Windows 10 and Office 365 updates are now synchronized. They intervene twice a year, around the months of March-April and September-October.

Windows 10: review and test

JDN tested Windows 10 on a first-generation Surface Pro tablet. Overall, Windows 10 is a Windows of good quality. The migration to Windows 10 worked well. All the software installed initially (including some Windows 7 generation) were able to migrate without problems.

Windows 10 Download free

Microsoft is working on an alternative to Windows 10 designed for lightweight terminals. For the unofficial hour, the information is confirmed from day to day . Based on a rewritten Windows kernel (called Windows Core Operating System), this declination would be more modular than its big sister. According to , it aims to meet the success of ChromeOS. Called Windows Lite, it would have a minimalist graphical interface. Code name: Santorini.

The goal? To propose an alternative to the logic “all in one” of Windows. Within the new building , windowing, file and parameter managers would still be present (see the screenshot below imagined by Petri). Natively supporting modern Windows applications (UWP and PWA), Windows Lite could still support Win32 software via a virtualization or containerization layer.

Still according to Petri , Windows Lite could come to live in two new types of device launched in parallel, whose respective code names would be Centaurus and Pegasus. Centaurus would refer to new Windows tablets with a two-part folding screen (a concept already covered by several patents filed by Microsoft). As for Pegasus, it would refer to laptops, or laptops, more traditional. The Lite GUI would be both modern, minimalist and refreshed.

Windows 10 Download and activation price

  • Windows 10 Home : 134.99 euros (official Microsoft rate), 124 euros (resellers’ price in the best case)
  • Windows 10 Pro : 261.99 euros (official rate), 154.90 euros (resellers’ rate in the best case)
  • Windows 10 Pro for Workstations :  Sharpened edition for muscular workstations (up to 6 TB RAM and 4 physical processors)
  • Windows 10 S: free (acquirers of a terminal equipped with Windows 10 S have the possibility to migrate for free to Windows 10 Pro by March 31, 2018)
  • Windows 10 Enterprise in S Mode
  • Windows 10 Mobile : Free.
  • Windows 10 Education : prices not communicated (available through volume licensing agreements).
  • Windows 10 Enterprise: Uncommitted prices (available through volume licensing agreements).
  • Windows 10 IoT : prices not communicated

Download Windows 10 ISO via CD, DVD or USB key

To install (or reinstall) Windows 10 from external media (either CD, DVD, or USB flash drive ), it is recommended that you use the Microsoft Support Authoring Tool. It allows you to save a disk image of Windows 10 (or ISO) on the medium of your choice. All editions of Windows 10 are offered through the tool except Windows 10 Enterprise. Download the Windows 10 ISO Creation Tool

Download Windows 10 Update: update your PC

Users wishing to upgrade to Windows 10 can do so through the Microsoft site . According to the publisher, Windows 10 has the ability to run all applications designed for Windows 7 and Windows 8. The OS is also designed to run all drivers compatible with these older versions. Once installed, Windows 10 is updated regularly to improve security and performance. Twice a year, the OS also benefits from an upgrade bringing new features. Note  : Microsoft publishes on its website a page summarizing all the updates of Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile (whether in beta or finalized version).

What’s new in Windows 10 iso

  • A Start Menu, and a real desktop for PCs : Windows 10 reinstates a “real” menu / start button close to that of Windows 7. The modern interface, dedicated to tablets, disappears on non-touch terminals, with mouse and keyboard.
  • Continuum mode: Windows 10 dynamically switches from desktop mode to touch mode depending on the configuration: tablet or laptop (netbook, ultrabook …). A function that is designed for hybrid terminals.
  • The ability to create multiple virtual desktops : Windows 10 introduces a virtual desktop feature. It allows the user to have several offices according to his professional or personal needs, and to pass to one another.
  • The Cortana voice assistant : The Cortana assistant (already present in Windows Phone ) enters Windows. It allows to launch, by voice or text, local or web searches , but also to manage its agenda, its calendar …
  • New applications : Windows 10 includes a new browser called Edge , which is more modern than Internet Explorer. There is also a new notification center and optimized integration with Office 365 (via OneDrive).
  • Universal apps : Windows 10 introduces portable “Universal Apps” in all its versions (Windows 10, Windows 10 Mobile, Xbox …). They are offered via a unified Windows Store targeting both mobile and desktop.
  • New security features : Windows 10 includes new security features  : multi-factor authentication, data protection, and biometric authentication – including facial (via Windows Hello ).

New features of Windows 10 iso

  • A new design (called Microsoft Fluent Design System). More “intuitive” and “homogeneous between different devices” Windows (PC, tablet, Smartphone), it results in a more animated graphical interface, enhanced with depth effects and transparent application windows.
  • A cloud clipboard. A cloud-based clipboard is emerging to make it easier to copy and paste between devices (Windows 10, iOS / Android). Windows 10 also includes for the occasion a new icon to associate a smartphone to his PC or tablet (Continue on PC), in order to facilitate the continuity of tasks between devices (read a web page, write a document).
  • Timeline (or Chronology). This function allows returning to a previous state of Windows, and thus finding applications, files or previously opened websites. This history is accessible via all the machines attached to the same Windows account. For now, this feature only supports a limited number of applications (Office, Word Pad, Paint). Microsoft intends to encourage Microsoft Store developers to implement it.
  • The ability to pin contacts to the task bar. New shortcuts (called My People) include the ability to launch a Skype conversation faster or share files.
  • Story Remix. Introduced in the photo management application (Photos), the Story Remix feature allows you to automatically pre-edit videos or slideshows based on recognizing images.
  • Near Share. This device gives the possibility of exchanging files between terminals via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi wireless communication network protocols.   Once activated via the notification center, it allows you to manage this sharing by right-clicking on the documents you want. For now, this service only supports Windows devices, but Microsoft plans to make it compatible in the future with iOS and Android (dixit the site MS Power user ).
  • eSIM. Windows 10 supports pre-integrated SIM cards. Objective: to prevent 4G notebook users from having to go through the store box to activate their telecom subscription. To implement their connection, simply associate the user’s cloud profile with its package. Microsoft calls this new service “Always Connected”.
  • Eye Control. The OS integrates an eye tracking control feature. It only works for the moment with the Swede Tobii Eye Tracker 4C reticle sensor.
  • Windows Defender Exploit Guard. Microsoft has enhanced the Windows 10 Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit with a Windows Defender Exploit Guard anti-piracy module.

Windows 10 Pro vs Home

  • Windows 10 Home is designed for PCs, tablets and hybrid terminals (2 in 1) marketed to the general public.
  • Windows 10 Pro has functions for SMEs  : fleet management, data protection, cloud integration … (optimized edition for hardware configuration up to 2 TB of RAM and 2 physical processors).
  • Windows 10 Enterprise has more advanced security and fleet management features than Windows 10 Pro.
  • Windows 10 Education is designed for the education sector (schools, universities …).
  • Windows 10 S : This is a new edition for PCs under $ 300. She wants to be light and efficient. To do this, it runs only applications available on the Microsoft Store (and therefore validated by Microsoft). The first three terminals optimized for this edition have been marketed: the Lenovo N23 and N24, as well as the Laptop Surface.
  • Windows 10 IoT : cut edition for connected objects , ” Wearable ” and industrial machine tools.
  • Windows 10 Pro for Workstations : new edition tailored for workstations (up to 6 TB of RAM and 4 physical processors).

Windows 10 Mobile

Like its predecessor ( Windows Phone 8.1 ), Windows 10 Mobile is free. Designed for smart phones and tablets (and more generally the terminals of less than 9 inches), Windows 10 Mobile offers a look pretty close to its predecessor, with a home screen showing the apps in the form of tiles. In October 2017, Microsoft announced that it was no longer developing this OS, but said it would continue to offer security updates.

Windows 10 System Requirements

  • Processor : 1 GHz or faster
  • RAM : 1 GB (for a 32-bit architecture) or 2 GB (64-bit)
  • Disk space : 16 GB
  • Graphics card : DirectX 9 device with WDDM driver

Download windows 10 update for Updating an existing terminal requires Windows 7 SP1 or Windows 8.1 Update, as well as a Microsoft account and Internet access. Some older 64-bit processors may also block the installation. To access the Windows Store and download apps from a terminal on Windows 10 update, Microsoft says it is necessary to have a screen with a resolution of at least 1024 x 768 pixels, and a Microsoft account. Get more info about windows 11 release date and windows 11 download procedure.


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