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Windows 10 introduced new designs of icons and Folders

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If when you are in front of the computer screen you have noticed something different but you do not know very well what, that is not due to a bad appreciation. Some Windows 10 icons, such as those allusive to mail and calendar, have been updated and have a more modern design without losing their recognizable character. The event is part of the appearance changes that Microsoft has worked on, a strategy that will become more visible in the coming months, as more applications and tools are introduced.

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In 2018 Microsoft adapted the image of Office to new times , as it continued with the announcement last December that the redesign will affect more than a hundred symbols in total (including that of the old Paint). The cases of the mail and the calendar are the first changes perceived in this sense (aside from the one detected indirectly when testing the redefined Edge browser, which has a revamped logo). Its modernization has been implemented in the different versions of the operating system, so that the average user has been able to verify it. It is clear that the generalization of your arrival will be slow and gradual, although you can always be on the lookout for updates to the apps in the Microsoft Store, as well as do a sweep and browse if there are news after the set-up in the framework of Windows Update. These icons will appear in Windows 10x, an operational variant created for dual-screen devices. This renovation seems like a minor issue, but it involves considerable complexity. We face two creative challenges. We needed to reflect innovation and change while maintaining familiarity. We also had to develop a flexible and open design system to cover a variety of contexts while remaining faithful to Microsoft,said Jon Friedman, vice president of Design and Research, in an article on Medium. By updating the language of the system we do not move away from the established iconography, Christina Koehn, head of design , also explained in another informative text uploaded to said platform .

Ms Office Application Improvement:

The technology giant Microsoft has launched this week the ‘Office’ application for Windows 10, which allows you to use the entire suite of products of the classic office suite for free: Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. This is an improved version of the current ‘My Office’ application, which is pre-installed as part of Windows . The new app can be used with almost any version of Office, even the free version of Office Online. The application was launched in December 2018 to a group of ‘Windows insiders’ and since then the company has heard a lot of good feedback from people for whom it has turned out to be a useful way to start using Office. We are delighted that now – the app – is available for free to anyone using a current version of Windows 10, whether at work, school or home, they say from Microsoft. Microsoft announces a new operation system windows 12 iso google drive.

The experience will be familiar to anyone who has used, although it has been improved: now you can access Office desktop applications from your mobile device and access the files you have stored on your device locally, in addition of those you have in OneDrive or SharePoint, and use them to work without connection. The ‘Office’ application is free to use and easily accessible. It will be available to users continuously for the next several weeks and will be installed automatically as an update to the ‘My Office’ application. The application can also be downloaded from the Microsoft Store if required. Search for ‘Office’ in the search bar of the Windows start menu to open it. Once you open the app, simply log in with your personal, professional or work Microsoft account to get started.

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