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Windows 10 support and help for users Online

windows 10 support

If you are a Windows 10 user, then surely on some occasion you have encountered an error in the system and you do not know how to solve it. In this case, the usual thing is to look for information on the Internet that helps us solve the problem, however, we do not always find it. In this case, it is also common to use a friend who knows a lot about computers in case he can help us. However, you can also contact Microsoft technical support. Next, we are going to show you how to ask Windows 10 support for help.


Different ways to get help in Windows 10 Support

The truth is that we have several ways to get help in Windows 10. On the one hand, we can search the system for help by typing a question or certain keywords in the search box on the taskbar to find applications, files, settings, etc. .

Another option, perhaps a little less known and used to get help on the system is the Recommendations application . This application shows us many short and simple recommendations to help us get the most out of our PC. To open the tool, we only have to write in the text box of the Recommendations task bar and click on the result that is shown.

Although we can also go to the Microsoft support page to find answers to all kinds of problems, explore help content in different categories or even to contact the technical support service.

How to contact Windows 10 support

The truth is that there are many scams that have been linked to Microsoft’s technical support, hence there are many who distrust everything that is related to it. However, it is a really useful service when we encounter a problem in the system and cannot find the solution.

In Windows 10 there is a very easy way to contact Microsoft support directly. To do this, just type Help in the text box on the taskbar and click on the result shown by the Get Help application . This will open a window where we must briefly describe the problem we have so that the support team can offer us the help we need. Therefore, we write our query and click on Send. As we can see, the interface of the tool simulates being a kind of chat.

Automatically, the tool will search for the results that can answer our problem and will show us the link to the information with the possible solution to our problem in the chat window. From there, we will have the option to open or read the full article and indicate whether the solution that Windows 10 technical support has proposed to us has solved our problem or not.

If with this option we have not been able to solve our problem, then we will indicate that it has not helped us and the Windows 10 technical support assistant will automatically offer us another solution. If we press the F1 key while on the Windows desktop, we will see how a Microsoft Edge browser window opens with the results of the search How to get help in Windows 10 . In the first result we will have the direct link to the Get help application, so we can start asking the assistant how to solve our problem in the system. Windows 10 has introduced two different types of users, a user group for family members and another for other users. Let’s see the main characteristics of each group of users.

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Your family

This type of user group, as its name suggests, refers to family members, differentiating them between adults and minors. To create a user of this type, it is necessary that the administrator of the team has an account created in one of the Microsoft services such as Outlook or Xbox. The new users to be created must also have an account in one of the previous services.

“Minor” type users are special users to whom parental controls can be applied . These can be managed by any “Adult” user by accessing the “Family” section of their Microsoft account through the browser as shown in the video.

Both “ Adult ” and “ Minor ” users can have user privileges or administrator privileges. It is always recommended to use the user with less privileges on a regular basis and only use the administrator user for the tasks indicated by its name, such as changing settings or installing new software.

This user group has been created specifically to control the use that minors make of the equipment . If no member of the family is a minor or parental controls are not going to be applied, it is not necessary to use this user group “My family”, and you can use the group ” Other users “.

Other users

As we have just mentioned, this user group can be used as long as it is not necessary to apply parental controls to a minor and it presents several differences with respect to the “My family” user group. The main peculiarity is that it is not necessary to have an account in any Microsoft service to create a user. These users can be created using an account, for example, from Google, although if you want you can create a local account without linking to any service , as shown in the video.

Regarding privileges, they are treated in the same way as in the user group “My family”. Within this group, you can create a special user known as an assigned access user . This user will have access exclusively to an application , in this way it is avoided that they can make unauthorized use of the equipment.

Admin users

Administrator-type users have a wider series of permissions than others, and can install / uninstall programs, access system settings, etc. But they have the drawback that if malware is run on a computer while an administrator user is working, the effects are much more serious. There is a report from Avecto , on vulnerabilities that affect Microsoft, with two very clear conclusions. With limited user accounts :

  1. 86% of the critical vulnerabilities in 2015 could not have been exploited.
  2. 99.5% of Internet Explorer-related threats could not be exploited.

That is why it is important to limit the rights of regular work accounts. In short, knowing how to correctly manage the users of a computer can avoid many headaches since each of them will have a personal environment that is different from the rest of the users. Users also have to have the minimum privileges with which they can use the equipment and use the administrator user for what it is, to administer, not for the usual work.

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